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Who Hates Getting Impressions (Goop) I Your Mouth For Veneers, Crowns & Fixed Bridges?

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

Have you had, or do you need, dental impressions for veneers, crowns, caps, or bridges?  Do you remember the goop that had to sit in your mouth until it set, and the dentist had a difficult time pulling it out?  Thought your teeth were coming with it?

Did you know there is an alternative?  I have been doing it for many years.  One of the first few in the country, in fact. It involves taking digital photos, overlaying landmarks in your mouth, to build a virtual reality 3D picture of your teeth and prepared teeth.  We call it "digital impressions".

We then send the information over the internet to have perfect models of your teeth milled out of polyurethane by robots, or made in reverse build by a digital 3D printer.  It is virtually impossible to have your teeth models made this exactly by the traditional method of the goop impressions, mixing plaster or stone, and pouring it into the impressions (example: defects in the impression, air bubbles when mixing & pouring the stone into the impressions, errors by whoever is doing the models in the lab).

All of my patients love this technology compared to the traditional impression methods. Did I forget to say your next visit for cementing the veneers, crowns, etc. goes much faster since the fit is tons better?  There is only upside to using this technique vs. the old techniques.  No downside.

Here is a flashback video of when I was featured demonstrating the new technology on news networks across the country.  Pictures and video always beat print explanation.

How Can I Enhance My Healing After Dental Surgeries, General Surgeries, & Injuries Of Any Kind?

Since I always advise that patients are their own "best doctors", and everyone needs to be responsible for themselves, I am often asked how one can help themselves heal after dental or any surgeries and injuries in general.  Here is some concise general information.Although the temptation is there, do not take anti-inflammatory medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, [...]

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Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Facial Pain, Teeth Clenching & Grinding, Snoring, Teeth Breakage & Gum Recession: Is There A Single Oral Appliance Which Can Help Them All?

Those who have been my patients over the years know the answer to the title question.  About 25 years ago I invented an intra-oral appliance which can be used for Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Airway Problems, Bruxism (Clenching and Grinding) with associated Teeth Breakage, Gum Recession and Pain, TMJ Disorders, plus Facial Pain and Headaches.  It [...]

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Hot Off The Press Proof: Gum Disease Causing Rheumatoid Arthritis

From Medscape, December 29, 2016: a report on research by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology.  They are finally trying to treat the cause, and not the symptoms of disease, and recognizing that autoimmune diseases are actually collateral damage diseases or infections not previously connected, as I stated in my 2014 book, [...]

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Healthy Daily Habits, In Addition To Brushing & Flossing

In addition to doing a stellar job of brushing and flossing (shouldn't do one without the other) at least after breakfast and before sleep at night, there are other healthy habits to adopt.  These will help you to live longer and healthier without drugs and surgery, thereby affording a quality of life not obtainable by [...]

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Does the Health of Your Mouth Affect the Rest of Your Body?

The mouth is the gateway for multiple occurrences in your body.  So, a resounding YES, the health of your mouth does affect the rest of your body.  You need to see your dentist more regularly than you see your physician in most cases.    I know it may be hard for you to believe, but [...]

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Cancer in the United States and the Usual Cutting, Chemo, & Radiation Treatment

Seeing photos of a suffering, bald Shannen Doherty reminds me why Western Medicine is horrible for chronic conditions like cancer.  According to Doherty, she had breast cancer which spread to the lymph nodes and possibly beyond, as found in the surgeries which she received to remove the cancer.  Now she is undergoing chemotherapy followed by [...]

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Conventional USA Medicine & Dentistry vs. Holistic Medicine & Dentistry

What is the difference between conventional USA Western type medicine, of which Dentistry is a part, and Holistic Medicine and Dentistry?  Many people ask me that question, as well as "what is Dentistry for Diabetics?". The answer is sad, but simple.  It is the mindset dictated by the fad of the day based mainly on money [...]

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Is Salt Bad For You? Part 2

The common refined table salt is 39% sodium, 60% chloride, .01% iodide (grossly insufficient for bodily needs), and up to 2% anti-caking agents, bleaches, and conditioning agents like ferrocyanide, aluminum silicate, ammonium citrate, and dextrose (sugar). Refining salt down to its basic parts extends its shelf life indefinitely, lets the removed elements be sold for [...]

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Is Salt Bad For You? Part 1

Restricted salt diets, fostered by Western medicine, are still the fad today.  But, are they good for you?  The answer is a resounding NO!!!  Time to use the Common Sense Meter on this one.  White refined ( bleached, stripped, and anti-caking agents added) salt, the kind traditionally sold in markets with an insufficient amount of [...]

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