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The Island Christmas Tree And Your Health

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

Walking the beach, hand in hand with my better half of 40 years, we came upon an "Island Christmas Tree".  Immediately we both smiled and got that rush of biological chemicals making us feel good.

This Holiday Season and the rest of the coming year, do your best to eliminate the negative things and surround yourself with people, things, and experiences which "make you feel good".  Keep your stress hormones down and your happiness chemistry up.  That is one of the main stays of "The Superlongevity Rx" lifestyle.  You will enjoy life for years to come!!!

Wishing You All The Best For Your Holidays And The Coming New Year!!

Keep Those Stress Hormones Down! A Drink or Two a Day is "A-OK"

Remember, "A drink or two a day is A-OK".  Am I crazy?  No.  It's a trade-off.  Which is worse?  Having your adrenal glands chronically release cortisone (cortisol) into your system, causing all kinds of illnesses, including cancer, OR, having up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men to [...]

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Packing For A Trip, Don't Forget Your Supplements

When you are going to be away from your vitamins and other supplements for more than a day, don't go without and let your health falter.  Sort and pack them by the day. Wrap them in cling wrap, and take them with you in a sealable, plastic bag.  Have a healthy get-away or vacation.

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Let There Be Dragons, Fruit That Is!

I am always looking for healthy things to try when I am away from my home base in New Jersey.  Just came back from the Gulf Coast of Florida where I tried Dragon Fruit for the first time.  Those in Central and South America know it as Pitaya.  It grows on a few species of [...]

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Another Reason Not To Read The New York Times, Dopey Writers Claiming We Are Iodine Sufficient In The United States

In July, the New York Times was printing articles claiming that people living in the United States were receiving sufficient amounts of iodine in their diets, even if they did not use iodized salt. This is an example of more false news, lazy or stupid research, or worse on the part of New York [...]

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Why Do I Need To Floss?

Your overall health starts in your mouth.  That's a long time quote of mine.  That includes getting nutrients digested and into your system, plus disease prevention.A major part of disease prevention involves constant cleansing around your teeth and tongue surfaces.  Tongue surface?  Yes, the same gum disease organisms which grow around your teeth also grow [...]

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Vacation Time, Don't Forget Your Oral Health

Summer is here.  Kids are out of school.  Many of you are traveling to vacation spots around the world.  Do not forget to take care of your dental (a.k.a. oral) health.  As I always quip, "Your Health Starts in your Mouth".  Stock each family member's travel bag with a toothbrush and dental floss.  Take travel [...]

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I Am Often Asked About Heartburn, or Acid Reflux

Since one of the questions on my medical forms concerns acid reflux and its relation to sleep apnea, I am often asked about heartburn, or acid reflux as it is properly called.  As with any medical problem, it is of utmost importance to determine THE CAUSE, and not just treat symptoms.  Treating only symptoms has [...]

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15 Causes of Difficulty Sleeping & Resultant Problems

Here are 15 common reasons for the all too common sleep problems affecting a large part of the United States population. 1. Airway blockages, an area where a few learned dentists can help with oral appliances and laser collagen therapies, and also our medical colleagues( for severe sleep apnea cases).  Blockages are mechanical: enlarged turbinates in your [...]

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Food For Thought: Wi-Fi Causing Mercury Release From Amalgam Fillings

Exposure of SILVER AMALGAM dental fillings to radio frequency radiation emitted from Wi-Fi devices increases MERCURY RELEASE from those fillings.  That is the conclusion in a study recently published in the Journal of Health Science and Engineering, "Effect of radio frequency radiation from Wi-FI devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations".Dental amalgam is composed of approximately [...]

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