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Food For Thought: Wi-Fi Causing Mercury Release From Amalgam Fillings

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

Exposure of SILVER AMALGAM dental fillings to radio frequency radiation emitted from Wi-Fi devices increases MERCURY RELEASE from those fillings.  That is the conclusion in a study recently published in the Journal of Health Science and Engineering, "Effect of radio frequency radiation from Wi-FI devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations".

Dental amalgam is composed of approximately 50% mercury, plus silver, copper, tin, and/or other metals.  Despite concerns by the rest of the world over DENTAL AMALGAM's mercury toxicity, it is still a widely used filling material for restoring teeth.   Wi-Fi usage is expanding exponentially in all aspects of our daily lives: networking cell phones, internet, TV's, laptops, desktops, security systems, and implanted medical devices to name just a few.

It been suspected that electromagnetic fields can affect your health.  This is just one way it can affect your health negatively with Wi-Fi, MRI studies, and x-rays as evidenced by studies.  Of course, most of the studies are conducted outside the United States, due to to the influence here by our vast medical/dental trade unions.  Studies outside of the US also show mercury release with normal wear in the mouth, but not as much.  As always, follow the money trail.

Here is the big question.  I think the answer is obvious.  Should we remove ourselves from any and all electromagnetic fields (if you said "impossible" or "no going back to the cave man days", pat yourself on the back) or have the dental amalgam fillings removed from our mouths?  Or, number 3, watch and wait for something to happen, i.e. observation of health decline.