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Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Facial Pain, Teeth Clenching & Grinding, Snoring, Teeth Breakage & Gum Recession: Is There A Single Oral Appliance Which Can Help Them All?

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

Those who have been my patients over the years know the answer to the title question.  About 25 years ago I invented an intra-oral appliance which can be used for Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Airway Problems, Bruxism (Clenching and Grinding) with associated Teeth Breakage, Gum Recession and Pain, TMJ Disorders, plus Facial Pain and Headaches.  It can treat them all at once.  I called it my Goodnight Sleep Appliance because you wear it at night.  During the day you should learn to be aware of any improper functions and substitute better habits without needing a crutch.  There are stretching and other exercises which can help when needed during the day.

How does my appliance work?  It decompresses the condyle bone in the TMJ to relieve the nerves and blood vessels in the poster part of the joint, stretches the facial muscle so they cannot spasm, thereby protecting the blood supply through and to the muscles and nerves, brings the mandible and base of the tongue downward and forward so an adequate airway can be established over the tongue when needed, and protects the teeth and gums from damage.  A nice additional side effect is that it also helps with the normal curve of the neck by manipulating the jaw position, so some cervical symptoms also have been observed to improve. 

You only need a couple of impressions of the upper and lower parts of the mouth.  The most important part is the bite registration, which tells the dental lab how to relate the upper and lower jaws when constructing your intra-oral appliance.

The GoodNight Sleep Appliance eliminates issues with other appliances which only work for one of your problems, or do not work at all.