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Can You Change Your Life By Changes To Your From Teeth? Absolutely!! Example 2

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

A more complex upper teeth smile makeover.  Public appearances now a confident snap!

Changing your life with, sometimes simple, changes to your front teeth is done by people every day. That is why tooth whitening products are so popular, people trying to do it themselves.

I am talking about the changes you cannot do yourself, changes in shape, positioning, chips, cracks, old fillings and things which could make you want to hide your teeth instead of smiling big.

Cosmetic and functional changes to your front teeth can range from simply changing 2 teeth to more complex changes.

Being proud of your smile is a major personality changer. Instead of hiding your smile due to embarrassment and people that you meet thinking you are grumpy ( "She has never smiled as long as I have known her!" ) or lacking personality, flash a beautiful, self-confident smile smile that attracts others and to the head of the line in job applications.

I have had a number of patients over the years who had difficulty being hired just because they never smiled out of embarrassment about the way they looked and did not present themselves well. Immediately after fixing the appearance of their front teeth and starting to smile again, they began being offered the jobs that they applied for. Employers want confident, friendly-looking employees representing them.