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My Recommendations For Coconut Oil Use Are Ever Increasing

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

I find myself recommending coconut oil more every week for many health issues for old and young alike, especially when I hear drugs and bad foods being touted for treatments and overall health by others.  

It is tough going against the American Heart Association, but they are either brain damaged or financially involved in ruining your health.  They are continually warning us against saturated fats in our diet, including coconut oil, and pushing us toward polyunsaturated fats such as margarine and vegetable oils like sunflower and corn oil.  That is the wrong direction.  These polyunsaturated fatty acids can cause cell death, cannot be easily metabolized by your cellular mitochondria, get deposited in your liver (fatty liver disease) and arteries, act as toxin build-ups throughout your body since you have a difficult time getting rid of them, and turn into blood-clotting and cancer-causing chemicals when they are heated when cooking.  The American Heart Association has been telling the same stupid lies for about 7 decades.  They recommend limiting your saturated fat intake to less than 6% of daily calories, when the healthiest levels of saturated fat intake are actually in 65-70% amount.  Your protein should be in the 25% range with carbs limited to about 10% or so, in general.  You smart ones know that as the ketogenic way of eating.

Now for the good fats, especially coconut oil, but you can also include palm kernel oil in the mix, which are medium chain saturated fatty acids.  What do they do for you and have been doing for mankind for thousands of years?  Here is a nice list: supporting thyroid function, heart health, better brain function, boosting your immune system function, increasing your energy and athletic performance, helping weight loss by reducing your appetite, reducing risk of diabetes and cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties, and fixing your digestive tract biology to aide digestion, maintaining younger skin, and promoting oral health (see this all the time).

Coconut oil's medium chain fatty acids are easily converted into ketones by the mitochondria (those are midi-chlorians to George Lucas's Star Wars fans) which cross the blood-brain barrier to energize your brain, and are better replacements for sugar when metabolized by tissues throughout the body.

To these benefits you can add the replacement of expensive and hazardous products in the home like shaving products, moisturizers, eye ointments (for eye inflammation), cleansers, make-up removers, and my favorite, toothpastes (you can add a little USP grade fine or flour of pumice if you want some abrasive action).

For you homework: Look up the 1000's of uses of coconut oil.  You will be amazed, save your wallet, and get healthier the more you use it.

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