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Packing For A Trip, Don't Forget Your Supplements

Posted by Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer on

When you are going to be away from your vitamins and other supplements for more than a day, don't go without and let your health falter.  Sort and pack them by the day. Wrap them in cling wrap, and take them with you in a sealable, plastic bag.  Have a healthy get-away or vacation.

Vacation Time, Don't Forget Your Oral Health

Summer is here.  Kids are out of school.  Many of you are traveling to vacation spots around the world.  Do not forget to take care of your dental (a.k.a. oral) health.  As I always quip, "Your Health Starts in your Mouth".  Stock each family member's travel bag with a toothbrush and dental floss.  Take travel [...]

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