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We do not recommend removal partial or full dentures unless there is no other option. However, if they are necessary, Dr. Grussenmeyer performs the extra steps required to improve your chances of success, and can advise you of the possible repercussions of your options/decisions.

Full dentures replace all of your teeth in an arch, either upper or lower.  Generally, you do not want a full lower denture working against natural teeth in the upper arch.  The stronger upper natural teeth will destroy the bone in the lower jaw much more quickly than usual shrinkage with the teeth removed there.  Having a full denture in the upper arch vs. natural teeth in the lower arch is not as detrimental.  These two situations assume the opposing arch has a full complement of natural teeth.  Having only anterior teeth, or most of the posterior teeth lost, worsens the situation further.  In this scenario, you would be using your anterior teeth for chewing, substituting for chewing in the back of your mouth on the molars.  That would cause faster bone loss in the edentulous (missing teeth) area and periodontal loosening of the remaining natural anterior teeth.  You can add possible temporomandibular problems to that list, so good posterior support with natural or replacement teeth is essential.

***Please note that your nutrition and overall health will be compromised when chewing with removeable dentures as the chewing/mixing food with salivary products does not work the same as having a full complement of fixed  or healthy natural teeth.***

Lower arch full or partial removeable dentures are more difficult to wear due to the floor of the mouth being occupied by your tongue.  In the upper jaw, with adequate saliva to float and seal out the air like a hard contact lens, wearing a denture is much easier for the vast majority of denture wearers.

What do I do if my teeth were removed and then I have major difficulties wearing removeable dentures?

Sometimes grafting bone to build a better ridge for the denture will help.  Standard or Mini implants with the dentures retained via O-rings can also help.  Sometimes all you need is regular use of denture adhesive.  The remedies vary for each individual.