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First Visit

 Welcome! How to Prepare For Your First Visit

When you arrive for your initial visit with us, please be prepared to complete your health information forms.  It helps us customize your treatment.  Bring a list of your medications, if you have one.  We can copy it for you.  If you have health insurance, please bring that information also.

Our personnel will help get you acquainted with our office.

Please let us know who referred you, or how you heard of our office.

Remember, we are here for you.  Be sure to tell us what concerns you, and how it may be affecting your life, if there are any concerns or problems.  There may be many things and problems that you may not think are dentally related.  Just remember that Dr. Grussenmeyer is not the usual dentist.  He usually manages to solve your problem with his vast knowledge of medicine, dentistry, and the way our body functions.

Your initial exam will be comprehensive.  It will include an oral cancer exam, a tooth decay exam, a limited TMJ exam, a periodontal (gum and bone) disease exam, an evaluation of your bite and function, radiographs  (x-rays), and review of your medical and dental history and any and all concerns that you may have.  Sometimes it helps to make a list, if you have multiple issues, so that you won’t forget anything.

If you are also seeing the hygienist on this day, it will be to obtain periodontal measurements.  If your mouth is healthy, you may also have your "cleaning" on the first visit.  Treatment by the dental hygienist is generally not done at your first visit, as we do not know whether to schedule you for a healthy mouth cleaning (prophylaxis), or for varying states of gum and bone (periodontal) disease, which are custom scheduled according to what treatment is necessary.   Of course, we do not know your condition until you are evaluated, so it is usually done at subsequent visits. 

Dr. Grussenmeyer will review your exam findings at this visit, either healthy or outlining existing problems, your past growth and development and its dental effects, future expectations, and proposed treatment, if any.  When your needs or wants are more complicated, Dr. Grussenmeyer will need time to study your findings and diagnostics, and develop treatment plan options for you based on your diagnoses and your expressed desires.  You will be scheduled for a consultation visit to review everything.  You can then decide which option best suits you and have any questions answered.