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Do you wish you could get one or more of your teeth replaced, but can’t stand the thought of removable dentures, or the difficulties cleaning around fixed bridges might be a problem?

Dental Implants are articial roots. They replace the roots of teeth that you may have lost or are going to have to lose for some reason. New teeth  can then be built on top of them. These teeth will be natural looking, comfortable, and long lasting. They are safe alternatives to bridgework and dentures. This is the ideal option to replace teeth for most people.

Because they look like your natural teeth, and because the implants are anchored in the bone like natural teeth, neither you nor anyone else will know the difference.  You don’t have to worry about implants coming loose and embarrassing you. You don’t have to take them out to soak at night.  And you won’t worry about losing them either.

Not everyone is a candidate for implants.  We will inform you about the different factors that determine whether, or not, you fit the criteria of an implant recipient.

Our preferred implant system is BICON, although we restore other systems also.  You can see why Dr. Grussenmeyer says these implants are the best  at There are no screws to come loose and allow germs into the implant as there are in other systems. You will never see one fail due to a broken retainer screw for the abutment.  This system is simpler to use and less expensive to use than the others.  Unfortunately, most of the oral surgeons are married to the other systems with the screws.

In specific cases, Dr. Grussenmeyer has also had success with Mini Implants for retaining full and partial dentures with O-ring housings within the dentures, and replacing individual teeth with implant crowns.