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Insurance & Payment Options

 Insurance & Financial Information 

Your treatment plan will give you an estimate of all applicable fees which we can forsee from your evaluation, personal history and diagnostics. Of course, just like in medicine, after we open things up, sometimes hidden things are found.  We will inform you of all fees before treatment is administered.

Charges are payable at the time of treatment. For your convenience, we accept VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS in addition to cash and personal checks. 

We also offer interest-free financing and special financing to work within your budget. Our Front Office Assistants CAN USUALLY FIND A WAY for you to obtain the services you want, like using CareCredit. 

We will submit all insurance claims for you and help you to maximize your benefits with the information which you provide to us.

We do participate in some PPO and indemnity insurance plans, however, we do not want insurance companies dictating or interfering with your treatment. Most people feel the same way. Insurance companies only exist for their own profit, not your health and definitely not to help you.  Call the office if you have insurance questions.  We can either answer them, or try our best to find an answer from the insurers for you.

We do accept assignment of benefits for established patients when the insurer allows it.

Many of our patients, who have other PPO plans, do have benefits in our office. We also have patients who pay out of pocket to have their treatment done well rather than go to their designated DMO/HMO office.

As always, you can speak with either of our Front Office Assistants to have your questions or concerns addressed. They love what they do!