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L-SER KO 1.2watt Biostimulation Home Use Laser


Product Description

The L-SER KO is a medical grade (not a weak consumer grade), continuous 3 second pulse wave, hand-held laser which you can obtain via a prescription from biostimulation authority, Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer.  It is a 810nm infrared wavelength GaAlAs laser with a 635nm visible light wavelength aiming beam.  If not a current patient, you will need to advise Dr. Grussenmeyer of your medical condition so he can help you with its useage. It is simple to use and has many applications for yourself and your family (and even pets).  This laser performs biostimulation treatment on the skin, muscles, nerves, bones and joints of the body.  Anything stronger could only be used in a medical office.  

Its therapeutic effects include reducing inflammation, pain and swelling, wound healing, increasing blood flow, ducing muscle spasms/pain, fighting infections (like MRSA, Shingles, etc.).

A major advantage is the convenience and cost savings of treating yourself at home.  Of course, you should have a proper diagnosis and care directed by a professional when needed.

Comes with an easy to understand booklet for doing treatments on yourself, friends, and family.

Availability usually 1 to 2 weeks.


Other Details

Description of L-SER KO Laser:
Hand-Held 1.2 watt "Cold Laser" available for you to use at home for many health problems via Rx from Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer

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