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Laser Technology

Our Laser Technology


Dr. Grussenmeyer has been using the electromagnetic spectrum wavelengths, via lasers and other delivery systems, to affect the biology of human tissues for over 20 years.  He is considered one of the experts in the United States in biostimulation of the human body, as mentioned in PAIN RELIEF and HEALING with LASERS: Dental Protocols of Laser Treatments, co-authored by Dr. Nelson Marquina from the United States, and being released in Japan November, 2015 (English Translation is in the works).  He has trademarked Nocturnalase for treating snoring and sleep apnea problems.

Lasers have many uses, depending upon their wavelengths, power, pulse duration, and delivery systems.

Among their uses are biostimulation for healing and rejuvenating tissues, warming tissues to denature and re-organize collagen, surgical cutting of hard and soft tissues, and debriding and sterilizing diseased tissues. 

This one of the extremely rare offices in the United States doing HOLISTIC COSMETICS with our Fotona LightWalker ATS laser.  Dr. Grussenmeyer has been helping pioneer these non-invasive, non-cutting, non-drug, healthy alternatives to making a healthier, better looking, better feeling you for many years.  Doc G is using the fabric of the universe, electromagnetic spectrum energy, to direct your body how to improve itself naturally.  He is currently teaching other doctors how to do this for Fotona Laser company.

Please examine our headings under Laser Technology for more insight into this amazing use of electromagnetic energy for your benefit.