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TMJ & Muscle Disorders

Unfortunately, Temporomandibular Joint (the Jaw Joints) problems, Headaches, Head/Face/Neck Myofascial Pain, problems with Jaw Function, Other Problems with the Head, Neck, Jaw, Facial Area, and even the Upper Back are thrown into the catch-all bucket called "TMJ".

Out of this bucket comes many diagnoses for diseases, infections, arthritis, dysfunctions, injuries, dental problems, parafunctional habits, headaches, muscle disorders, etc. 

If you want to get rid of your pain and dysfunction, or take hold of your life and learn to control your symptoms, with minimal or no drug use, when you have permanent injuries or problems, then this is the place for you.  Dr. Grussenmeyer DOES NOT BELIEVE IN BETTER LIFE THROUGH CHEMISTRY.

Rarely do we see a pure TMJ, or jaw joint, problem.  There are usually other aspects to the diagnosis and causality.  The pain usually comes from the muscles, so knowing what to do on a daily basis at home is critical.  Dr. Grussennmeyer has developed his own regimen for that purpose.

Your temporomandibular joints are part of the basic opening and closing movements of your mouth.  These are the hinges, or fulcrum points of mouth opening.  Also involved in your jaw function are numerous muscles, ligaments, and fascial tissues in your head, neck, and upper back area.  You are probably thinking "upper back and neck?".  Yes, without the muscles around your neck and upper back areas stabilizing your skull, your jaw cannot function.  You would not be able to chew your food, or speak properly.  Injuries to upper back and neck areas usually cause pain and dysfunction to spread to the jaw and face areas, if those problems are not treated and resolved.

Trauma, diseases, dental problems,and harmful habits can cause pain, dysfunction, and degenerative changes in any of these body parts which normally help you speak, eat, swallow, hear, see, and breathe.

As there are so many complicating factors involved, Dr. Grussenmeyer’s vast knowledge, and longest experience of anyone in the Cherry Hill area, has made him the go-to guy for the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment in the area.  This is where other professionals refer their problem cases.

At the completion of your comprehensive evaluation of your head/neck area, Dr. Grussenmeyer will discuss his findings with you, and provide you the opportunity to ask him specific questions about your condition.  Recommended treatments will be coordinated to have you feeling better with the least amount of visits necessary.

Patient participation in regaining your health and function is paramount.

Dr. Grussenmeyer CUSTOMIZES YOUR CARE to your particular situation.  There is no “Cookbook Treatment” at his office.

Your treatments can be as simple as identifying and understanding your problem, plus at-home stretching regimens.  Sometimes it involves stopping drugs with bad side effects, wearing intra-oral appliances as a crutch at night for bruxism and/or airway problems, Nightlase laser therapy, or botulinum toxin type A injections.  Properly diagnosing the cause leads to the solutions.

Due to his extensive experience and study of these disorders, your treatment will be different from most evaluations and treatments from other doctors.  The examinations, intra-oral appliances, myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, and cold laser therapy that Dr. Grussenmeyer has developed are not found elsewhere in the Cherry Hill / Philadelphia area.



*An example of one of Dr. G's TMJ appliance designs, similar to Dr. Grussenmeyer's GOODNIGHT SLEEP APPLIANCE, this one is also used at night, since it is not a social appliance (i.e. speaking is difficult with it).  Its benefits are stretching and splinting the muscles for enhanced blood flow and intramuscular nerve health, decompression of the TMJ neurovascular tissues, prevention of bruxism, and improvement of cervical posture.  It has pads which all of the teeth fit into.  This prevents unwanted tooth movement, more of a problem with other TMJ appliance types. It will also last for many years with minimal care.*